Accessibility Statement

As we expect some visitors to this site to have impaired vision, we have taken some trouble to make it as easy to read and navigate as possible. To this end:
  • Text sizes are never very small
  • Text sizes can be increased or decreased by use of the [-] and [+] buttons in the top menu
  • There is a "plain text" option which should also be printer-friendly.
  • Low contrast ratios and background graphics with intrusive levels of detail have been avoided
  • The navigation system should be usable by screen reading software for blind users. All links are displayed as text which describes the target of the link
  • The site conforms to HTML 5 and CSS standards and should be displayed correctly on all browsers in common use. It has been verified on:
    • Mozilla Firefox 102.8
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Opera 10.01
    • Konqueror (from the Linux KDE desktop evironment)

Access keys

To find out how to use access keys, the Wikipedia Article gives a good summary for many web browsers.

Access keys are of debatable value and can interfere with browser operation. The following keys defined for this site use the numeric keys least likely to conflict with other uses. The first three of these are also in common use on other sites.

key use
0 Access key details (this page)
1 Home Page
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3 Main "About Uveitis" Page
4 Main "About UIG" page
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