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Uveitis Information Group (Scotland)


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Essential Information

What is Uveitis?
This fact sheet describes what uveitis is. It gives an overall picture and should be read first.
What is Anterior Uveitis?
known as iritis - this is a more detailed fact sheet
What is Intermediate Uveitis?
or pars planitis - a more detailed fact sheet
What is Posterior Uveitis?
Terms include choroiditis or retinitis, or vasculitis - a more detailed fact sheet
Uveitis in Children
An article by Professor Susan Lightman specifically describing types of uveitis that children can get
Treatment of Uveitis
Overview of the treatment of uveitis
Uveitis Information Group (Scotland) - providing clear patient information about Uveitis
email: info@uveitis.net
Charity registered in Scotland no. SCO28439