The Uveitis Information Group was set up by Phil Hibbert in 1998. Since its inception, it has provided support and advice to patients and offers information to healthcare professionals. It has been instrumental in ensuring the patient voice is heard and it has worked with uveitis specialists to help develop services.

More recently, Phil has been joined at UIG by a new Chair, Charity Secretary and Marketing Director, as well as patient Trustees and a Professional Panel. All these people (including Phil) give their time freely and without charge. We would like to thank, in particular:

Professor John Forrester, who is President of UIG and Professor Andrew Dick of Bristol Eye Hospital, who chairs the Professional Panel. Both of them have had extensive input into UIG and their commitment to improving services for people with uveitis is quite astounding.

The members of the Professional Panel who give so freely and generously of their time and expertise and are absolutely committed to improving the patient experience and their access to information. All these people have full time jobs as well as being involved in a number of initiatives, and we are grateful to them for taking on the role with UIG. These people are:

  • Mr Dara Kilmartin - Ophthalmologist (Ireland)
  • Professor Susan Lightman - Ophthalmologist (England)
  • Professor Philip Murray - Ophthalmologist (England)
  • Dr John Olson - Consultant Ophthalmic Physician (Lead Clinician of Scottish Managed Clinical Network)
  • Ms Angela James - Ophthalmic Pharmacist
  • Dr Scott Mackie - Optometrist
  • Mr Alan Jones - RNIB
  • Mr Mike Brace - Vision 2020 (UK)
  • Ms Annie Hinchcliffe - Uveitis Nurse
UIG would like to thank them for their hard work and for ensuring that information contained on the site is accurate, informative and patient friendly.
We also would like to thank:
  • Patient members who support the group with feedback from their experiences and for their financial support without which the UIG could not produce the information it does.
  • Scottish Managed Clinical Network (MCN) who are actively involved in collaborating with Phil Hibbert in the re-writing of the patient information.
  • Professor Susan Lightman (Moorfields Hospital) and Alison Farrow, Senior Ophthalmic Photographer, (Grampian University Hospital) for the patient information sheets that they have written.
  • Llewelyn Moss, copy writer, who generously spent time editing the link pages to improve their readability, clarity and punctuation. He is a freelance copywriter available for hire. More information about him is available on his website:- (to follow).
  • Treewind Technical Services, who designed this website, free of charge, and gave us a first class professional service, meeting our requirements, ensuring simple navigation and good accessibility for the visually impaired. Treewind now supply our web-hosting at minimal cost and continue to give professional advice and assistance.
  • Mr Nigel Hall (Winchester Hospital), Dr Fatima Shawkat (Southampton Hospital), Dr John Armitstead (St Mary's Hospital). These specialists have also advised us, answered queries and edited UIG/BUS factsheets, free of charge.
  • Professor Manfred Zierhut (Tuebingen University),who has strongly supported the development of UIG. He has been always available to offer advice and guidance. He was instrumental in finding funding for, and editing, the excellent journal "Uveitis" which is sent to all our members.
As a small charity, we are very aware that we would not have been able to achieve the impact we have had on the lives of patients, without the support of all these people. We, and the uveitis patients of the UK would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment.

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